Good News (let us hope)

In such terrible need, just trying to survive the daily struggles is bad ’nuff but then the help I had couldn’t make it all time, has their own health problems so was so down spent the whole last 2 days in bed.
hurt my back bad gettin up wood and depression din’t help.

well I met the new family moved across the street this eve as I went out to get mail. He brought out the whole family, wife, 4 teens, uncle and another.. and we chated a bit and they offerin to help me out! WOW PRAY this works as i’m at end of my rope and harder and harder to even get outta bed seems.

hell being all alone and so needy now. everythings broke, worn out same as me. been in my home 30 yrs and with all the gov cuts past 3 years ruined me. i see no way out, and to have lost all dental, eyecare, and most meds n coverage due to calif being broke hasn’t made life any better.

well I got outta my sick bed to try to sell some jewels n treasures so I can get a ne/rebuilt iMac and a tv and maybe an iPad as soon i’ll be bedridden and to ill to set here.

so i have sstuff to mail and no way to go, not even to shop or whatever i need. it’s anykind of life i’m here to tell you.

So PRAY these ppls work out, will right across street and plenty ppls there incase of needs perhaps.

am i hoping for to much?
the state will get the house and all treasures i’ve had most all my life will be tossed or junked, how awful

here’s a fraction of a whole house full i need to sell.
stop by check it all out! reduced prices also.

so we shall see what tomorrow holds. I’m soooo ready to go HOME!


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unigue... Gutzy, Eccentric, Eclectic, Artisan, Desert rat, lover of nature and photography I'm a twitter tweeter.. and a flickr lover stop by say hi
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